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The G.L.A.M. Experience

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My G.L.A.M Squad and I will give you a celebrity experience.

A Vanity Fair magazine-style photoshoot designed to be ALL ABOUT YOU!

A fun-filled day where you are pampered and fussed over.

A day where YOU are the STAR!!


​It all starts with the consultation.


This is where we will build a vision for your dream photoshoot.

The consultation is typically done at my studio in Randolph, NJ.

We will go over ideas and wardrobe choices while getting to know each other.

I want you to get comfortable with me, familiarize yourself with the process, and know exactly what to expect so that when you come in for your session, you will be more relaxed and ready to get you GLAM ready for your close up.



This is where the transformation begins.

Professional hair styling and makeup await you while sipping champagne and listening to your choice of favorite music.

We will go over wardrobe and accessories and style you from head to toe.

We have an extensive wardrobe rack which you are welcome to use and pick from.

The entire G.L.A.M experience is about 3 hours long, but when I’m in the zone, time doesn’t matter. Capturing the best of you, and you enjoying the experience does. I can play dress-up with my clients all day if you let me.

I will guide you through every pose and it won't take long before you are flying on your own.  And fly you will.  I guarantee it.


About two weeks from your session, you will come to the studio for the big reveal.

This is where I get to show how beautiful you truly are.


This is by far my favorite part of what I do…. seeing your eyes light up.

All She Wanted Was To Wear A Tutu

Meet Federica.  She dreamed of being professionally photographed one day. 


She searched for a photographer who would share her vision and make her feel comfortable at the same time.  

I was lucky she chose to work with me, and together we created that vision. 

 A Vintage Glam shoot that would transport her to the roaring 1920s. 

We started with some vintage lingerie shots, and what transpired from there was nothing short of a metamorphosis.

Federica asked if she could add a ballet tutu skirt to her look.

I wasn't sure what she was referring to at first. She mentioned she had seen someone wearing a tutu on my website and wondered if I still had it.


Her face lit up like a little girl when she saw that black tutu, and it set the mood for our entire shoot.

After the photoshoot, when she was ready to leave, Federica told me I had made a dream come true.


With that same lit up little girl face, she added,

“All I wanted was to wear a tutu."

I have photographed women of all ages, and I have learned so much from each one of them.

We are all so different and diverse. 

We all have needs and wants that never get fulfilled.


What we women have most in common is the need to put everyone else before ourselves. 

I say it's time we break the mold and put ourselves first for once.

Find your tutu and wear it proudly. 

Let me reveal the light that shines from within you

The G.L.A.M. Bam Thank You Ma'am, Reveal

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